Kombucha Rap, Beer is Poison, Kendrick

Kombucha Rap

This is truly great lol

Beer is Poison

Kendrick Lamar

GQ Man of the Year freestyle

TDE BET Cypher. Kendrick’s verse is crazzzy. Uncensored version HERE (shitty censored youtube version below)


Russell Brand, Naptime Art

Russell Brand

I’m not a huge Russell Brand fan, but damn he tears this BBC guy a new one in this video. If you can look past his accent and the dumb movie roles he’s played, he’s really speaking some truth here #Preach!

Naptime Art

This is super creative and #cute! You have to click here and see all of them.


Overly Suave IT Guy Meme, Always Sunny Waitress, Banned Books Brazil

Overly Suave IT Guy Meme

Nothin super exciting but this little rundown talks a little bit about the meme and some reactions and commentary about how it’s problematic.

On a similar not there is this article “Sexism a problem in Silicon Valley, critics say” #CaptainObvious.

Always Sunny Waitress

This is pretty random but check out ‘the waitress’ from Always Sunny deliver this spoken word rap song. Not sure what I think about it (not a must watch), but I just saw season 9 episode 5 (Country Mac) and it was soooo funny. one of the best episodes in a looong time 😀

Banned Books Brazil

Basically brazilian police have been going around seizing “dangerous” books (article is from GVA where I published some blog posts over the summer throught EFF). reuconfesso


Aloe Blacc, UN Women Ad Campaign, Stupid People

Aloe Blacc

First, I really like Aloe Blacc already…

Aloe Blacc made this music video about immigration and border crossing. Colorlines calls it “Undocumented and Unafraid”.

It’s not perfect, but it brings awesome attention to the issue. Hopefully gets larger audiences to think about what’s going on!

On a different note, the song (which is not my favorite) is a huuuuge worldwide hit (more popular than Get Lucky in Europe) HOWEVER the song is by Swedish ‘DJ” Avicii, Aloe Blacc isn’t even credited. Here is the Avicii version. And of course in Avicii’s video it’s about a white girl with a horse.

Just seems kinda fucked up that Avicii gets to brand Aloe Blacc’s voice and become wildly popular with this bullshit. While Aloe Blacc is so awesome in all areas but no one seems to care.

Aloe Blacc Version YouTube views =    42,098
Avicii Version YouTube views  =   119,344,826

Great, cute, video from one of my fav old Aloe Blacc songs
Pharrell produces Aloe Blacc’s “Love Is The Answer” (if you have an ipod 😉

U.N. Women Ad Campaign

Un Women

United Nartions creates ad campaign from real Google Autocomplete results you can click on that link to read more about it and see some of the other example ads in the campaign.

Stupid People

Don’t even watch this. It’s just some stupid men destroying a million year old rock formation.


Day Man, Childish Gambino, Science Rap

#AlwaysSunny : )

Man of Color Being Vulnerable By Showing Emotion, World Freaks Out

The internet was a buzz today about Donal Glover’s ‘meltdown’. He posted –>THESE<— instagram photos last night, and apparently that was way too much for people. My first reaction was how personal and honest these notes were and how rare it is for a black man (or a man of any race really) to come forward and be vulnerable about who he is and how he struggles. Just something to think about. I’m happy to see him setting an example and making a path that others can follow in. I hope he gets the help and support he needs.

Childish Gambino

Awesome Science Rap!

These kids threw down in a rap about how women in science get overlooked. My favorite verse is at 2:24. Excerpt of lyrics below…

“Yeah I’m talkin Hapatia, Yeah I’m talkin’ Curie
I’m talking Shirley Anne, Ladies I’m talkin’ me
Wanted to be a scientist since age 15
Became a world class one yeah I followed my dreams
Maurice and I at Kings were going for DNA
“She needs to change her hair” was all that you could say…”

I really want to tell you about the feminist hackspace that they just started in SF. I got to go to this awesome event before it opened at the Mozilla headquarters, had some awesome conversations about women in STEM and what men can do to help. Remind me to tell you about it sometime, and about the 50 sexistest men in tech lol. (I’m really really really glad Shahbano is part of LocalOn, at our investor presentation we were the only team of 40 that had a woman presenter. I can never work in student experts type place again )