Overly Suave IT Guy Meme, Always Sunny Waitress, Banned Books Brazil

Overly Suave IT Guy Meme

Nothin super exciting but this little rundown talks a little bit about the meme and some reactions and commentary about how it’s problematic.

On a similar not there is this article “Sexism a problem in Silicon Valley, critics say” #CaptainObvious.

Always Sunny Waitress

This is pretty random but check out ‘the waitress’ from Always Sunny deliver this spoken word rap song. Not sure what I think about it (not a must watch), but I just saw season 9 episode 5 (Country Mac) and it was soooo funny. one of the best episodes in a looong time 😀

Banned Books Brazil

Basically brazilian police have been going around seizing “dangerous” books (article is from GVA where I published some blog posts over the summer throught EFF). reuconfesso


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