Day Man, Childish Gambino, Science Rap

#AlwaysSunny : )

Man of Color Being Vulnerable By Showing Emotion, World Freaks Out

The internet was a buzz today about Donal Glover’s ‘meltdown’. He posted –>THESE<— instagram photos last night, and apparently that was way too much for people. My first reaction was how personal and honest these notes were and how rare it is for a black man (or a man of any race really) to come forward and be vulnerable about who he is and how he struggles. Just something to think about. I’m happy to see him setting an example and making a path that others can follow in. I hope he gets the help and support he needs.

Childish Gambino

Awesome Science Rap!

These kids threw down in a rap about how women in science get overlooked. My favorite verse is at 2:24. Excerpt of lyrics below…

“Yeah I’m talkin Hapatia, Yeah I’m talkin’ Curie
I’m talking Shirley Anne, Ladies I’m talkin’ me
Wanted to be a scientist since age 15
Became a world class one yeah I followed my dreams
Maurice and I at Kings were going for DNA
“She needs to change her hair” was all that you could say…”

I really want to tell you about the feminist hackspace that they just started in SF. I got to go to this awesome event before it opened at the Mozilla headquarters, had some awesome conversations about women in STEM and what men can do to help. Remind me to tell you about it sometime, and about the 50 sexistest men in tech lol. (I’m really really really glad Shahbano is part of LocalOn, at our investor presentation we were the only team of 40 that had a woman presenter. I can never work in student experts type place again )


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